Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gravity Falling

Tucker and his family arrived last night. They will be staying with us until Friday. Tucker got to see the brewery and sample some of the latest creations. Presently I have the Super Pilz, AAPA, and the Belgian Strong Golden ale on tap.
I took some gravity readings this week . The Munich Dunkel was at 1.o33 on 9/18, and the latest Tripel came in at 1.020 on 9/24. Both beers were aerated very well and started fermenting within six hours of pitching the yeast, so I'm quite pleased with how fermentation is going with these beers.
Once the Tripel reaches terminal gravity I plan on cold conditioning it for several weeks before racking to keg & bottles for long term storage. Yeah, I'm gonna need more of them Belgian Style 750ml bottles.

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