Saturday, April 14, 2007

Chickenpox and Birthday Cake

I slept in until 8:30 am Saturday morning. This was the first in a long time. It was nice to awaken on my own for once, instead of the usually morning pounces, and bounces that I am used to receiving causing me to emerge from my slumber sooner then I desire. Grace dropped her diaper off in the bathroom and on her way to get dressed we noticed a few red spots on her little body. Oh-boy could it be, the pox? Now what? We ares supposed to go to a birthday party, and brunch today

Iz confirmed that Spencer, one of the children from Grace's daycare had chicken pox about two weeks ago. Things started to fall into place with Grace complaining earlier in the week that her belly hurt. She was also acting somewhat peculiar, nothing I could put my finger on, but Iz had noticed it too. So I called Suzanne to advise of the impending quarantine. Unfortunately we had to cancel brunch with the Darlingtons. Iz then called Eve with the heads up about Grace's pox. Eve insisted that Winter come since she was symptom free.

Winty and I attended the party, and enjoyed the better par of the morning munching on Birthday cake, Fruit Salad, and slediding up at Louise's house. I even got to practice my social skills with some of the familiar adult faces at the party.

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