Friday, November 09, 2007

Modifications to the brew schedule.

It would would appear that my brewing schedule has been derailed yet again. I brewed the Pilsener and the Alt recently. That's as far as my plan will get me right now. My house pale ale will have to take a backseat to my latest creation called SMP. I'm brewing a single malt pils tonight. It will be a single decoction pitched on top of a nice healthy yeast cake that is left over from the Bohemian Pils I brewed back in October.
Sunday I'm going to brew a Farmhouse style beer. This will be my second rendering of a Saison. I'm scaling it back to a five gallon batch since I will be taking my show on the road Sunday for a brew session in the Berkshires.
The Sorghum beer is on the back burner until my sister gets me those samples to try, so that I have at least a general idea of what I'm getting into with a GF beer. After Sunday I will virtually be at maximum capacity since I will need to leave at least two carboys free for the SMP to be lagered.
The down side to all this is that I won't have much available to drink until this stuff is ready, which won't be until December.
On a side note I have Melanie to thank for all this since she has offered to take the girls for the evening. She is a most excellent surrogate auntie.

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