Sunday, June 01, 2008


Starting today I'm embarking on a three week cleanse. Iz is doing a three week cleanse and abstaining from Alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and wheat. I'm sure I probably forgot something in there, but you get the point.
I'm going to give up alcohol for the next three weeks. Yes, you heard it right, no beer for Glib. As for those other things... I aside from alcohol my consumption of those others is rather limited. With that said wish me luck sailing the SOBER seas for the next three weeks.


mtuckerb said...

Rock on my man. I'm curious what prompted this endeavor. Regardless, its a powerhouse move, you guys will be feeling great in a few weeks, I guarantee.

Dave said...


Share your cleanse experience, what method you are following, and how you feel during the process.

I've been reading about it and I'm curious if I could do it.